Masturbation Effects On Your Health: Side Effects And Benefits

Masturbation Effects On Your Health: Side Effects & Benefits

  • Posted On: February, 2022 Posted By: Frederick Douglass

Every human being goes on some kind of sexual drive and there are two different ways to express their sexual drives. The first way is to indulge with someone in sexual intercourse and the second way is stimulating yourself manually feeling the pleasure of sex. This second type is known as masturbation. But, a common question is what are Masturbation Effects On Your Health? Let's take a deep tour of the article to find the answer. 

What Is Masturbation? 

So, what is masturbation? In simple words, masturbation is self-stimulation to get sexual satisfaction. There are various ways to achieve this and the most common way is to do it with your hands. Certain other ways are also there like using toys but all of them have a common final step which is stimulation to reach orgasm. Research in the studies says that around 95% of men masturbate once in their life and around 90% of women have masturbated at least once in their lifetime. Apart from this, a large portion of this statistic masturbates daily, so it is that common. 
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Another myth is that people think and their mind only the single person or unmarried once required the need of masturbation, but masturbation is very common among married persons also. It is simple to understand that everyone wants to masturbate, why? Because it is pleasurable but at the same time people are afraid to do this because there are several consequences of masturbation side effects attached to it. People are confused in the questions to like is masturbation harmful? What happens if you masturbate too much? Let's go over it one by one. 

Benefits Of Masturbation 

I get asked about frequently and the most recent question was there any benefits of masturbation? Or Is masturbation good for you? Well of course, and I'm wondering why they aren't masturbating more often? Because with masturbation and sex you actually live longer as; 
  • It burns calories
  • It reduces stress
  • Increases lifespan
  • It decreases heart disease
  • It regulates your hormones
  • It enhances your immune system
  • It reduces headaches and even pain 

Meanwhile, it's important for men too because the more sex or masturbation they have the less prostate cancer they get, so it's important to have masturbation and sex. It reduces your stress as it releases a hormone called oxytocin which makes you very calm that's why some people after sex will actually fall asleep. Now I'm not saying that's good or bad. I had a patient once tell me "You know what I sleep through the whole day". Anyway, it does decrease your stress, and it counteracts those stress hormones that have accumulated during your day. Research has shown that orgasms add years to your life. 

Some people actually use a scream cream that's a prescription, it works within 30 minutes. The only thing about the scream cream is that you have to once you put it on you've got to stay home you can't go out. You can't run a quick errand because it works in 30 minutes. So you don't want to be at the grocery store and all of a sudden began to feel that urge, and you know you're just in a very public place so using it is great, but masturbation is healthy, and it is healthy for you and for your husband or your boyfriend or both of those. But, everything has a good and a dark phase and the same goes for over-masturbation. So now that you are aware of the good side make sure to check out the cons!

Side Effects Of Masturbation 

Before we get into the masturbation side effects, important medical information is crucial for you to understand. After taking 30 days and 4 hours in boys and eating 32 kg of food, 800 grams of blood is formed, which forms 20 grams of semen. It is very important to know that by research it has been found that one-time masturbation results in loss of 20 grams of semen, or sperm. Are you understanding that the amount of sperm your body produces in one month is wasted in one-time masturbation? It will affect your bone density very much after 10 years from now. You will suffer too much pain in your joints and bone.

Through a study, it was found out that teenagers become so anxious about masturbation that they become addicted after time. The teenagers leave their maximum work only for doing masturbation which is harmful to their career. Apart from this, they also feel tired physically and mentally, because due to masturbation, there is a lot of energy released from the body, as a result of this, they can also become a victim of depression. The biggest thing to worry about is that they never share their problems with someone due to moral values and shyness. Have a look at the points on the side effects of men in daily; 

  • Hair loss
  • Loss of semen
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Uncontrollable sexual urge
  • Disturbance in daily activities
  • Distraction from family and society
  • Getting an addiction to masturbation
  • Sexual dreams may cause sleep disturbance 

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Side Effects Of Masturbation In Female 

Male and females both have sexual urges and people satisfy themselves by self-pleasuring. The clitoris is the most sensitive pleasurable orange in a woman's body which is especially present to offer sexual pleasure and excess masturbation can cause the loss of sensation & feel in the clitoris. However, there are several other side effects that even females can face due to masturbation like; 

is masterbation good for you
  • Back pain
  • Joint pain
  • Hair loss & thinning
  • Urine infection and pain
  • You may lose arouse for sex 

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Final Verdicts 

Masturbation is not an unnatural practice but being involved too much with it and ignoring other factors of daily life, health, and routine will eventually lead to tons of issues in your life on a long time runway. So, I personally advise being limited with self-pleasure habits instead of getting addicted to them.


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