Don’t Let Sexual Disorder be the Hindrance – Bring More Intimacy to Your Relationship

Sexual Disorder

With the growing age, the passion between a couple loses its depth. Especially men accept the fact that they can’t be virile anymore as they ever used to be. But, it may not be a growing age which is weakening your potency. Ever wondered about something called sexual disorder?  Yes, doesn’t matter if you have crossed the threshold of 40 years or even 45. It’s not inevitable that you will face a slump in your libido. Perhaps, a hidden reason like sexual disorder (erectile dysfunction) is the culprit for the loss of your passion.

Let’s Know More About Sexual Disorder

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder where men fail to attain a strong erection. Patients of this disorder fail to hold the erection for a longer period of time. It happens due to the contraction of blood vessels and low blood supply in the penile region. Such disturbances can cause relationship issues and even lead to complete detachment from the partner.

This problem is more common in men who attain an age of 50 years. They steadily lose the stamina to perform better during sexual intercourse. It is estimated that in 90% of cases of male impotence in older men, the ageing factor is the root cause of such illness.

Statistics Based On Scientific Studies

As per a study, it has been found that other than psychological factors, severe injuries & ageing factor has a vital role in causing ED. Chances of getting erectile dysfunction are 5 to 15 % more in men crossing the age of 40.

With the growing age, testosterone levels in a male body slowly decline. This often elevates the risk of catching erectile dysfunction. Hormonal changes can cause a loss of interest in lovemaking. Moreover, this can also be a factor causing male impotence.

Solutions Which Can Revive The Potency

We don’t have any control over the passing years of life. But, we do have some options which we can utilize to prolong our manhood or virility. Due to the continuous development in medical science, today, there are oral medications available which can restore the potency even in aged individuals. Generally, people with growing age always have complained of swallowing those bitter pills. Well, here is a good update for those! Recently, the development in the pharmaceutical industry has led to the synthesis of an ed-medication which comes in jelly form and also contains a variety of fruit flavours.

Let’s have a more lucid picture of these medications:
New Generation Ed-drugs An Insight Into These Drugs Available Doses
kamagra soft
kamagra soft


This is a soft & chewy form of generic kamagra which contains Sildenafil Citra as its active ingredient and have an instant-release effect on the blood vessels around the penile region. It is an FDA approved ED medicine and can be afforded easily. 100mg
ukkamagra jelly


A novelty among all the other form of Ed-drugs, which comes in a pulpy, highly viscous form of jelly. Kamagra jelly has a quick onset and functions at the blood vessels by widening them to promote the blood flow to the penis. It becomes effective within 20 minutes of consumption. 100mg

Apcalis Oral Jelly

It is the most potent jelly form of Ed- drug available in the pharmaceutical market today which is synthesised using tadalafil as a prime ingredient. The ratio of potency between tadalafil and sildenafil citrate is 1:5, which means the required dose of tadalafil to treat erectile dysfunction is 5 times lesser than sildenafil citrate and still be equally effective. 20mg

A New Motivation

So, we know how we can treat Erectile Dysfunction causing due to growing age can be treated easily with a myriad of effective medications. But, apart from the medicinal options, a healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet can preclude the impact of any sexual disorders in an aging individual. Therefore, don’t sit idle if you want to keep the passion going. Also, sweat it out in the gymnasium occasionally to stay in shape and keep the sexual health alive.