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The problem of sexual disorders/erectile dysfunction is growing in the entire world, which is pushing the medical science to formulate more effective solutions to treat the ailment. Over the last two decades, Viagra was hyped to be the sole solution to treat ED and restore potency among men.  Over the years, many other products have been synthesised to treat the patients with languished manhood, but none prove to be as effective as Viagra until a novelty—Kamagra came to the pharmaceutical market. But then as we know, with success comes haters! Although Kamagra got approval by an international body like FDA, still the rival companies made the road difficult for Kamagra on and off.

Sildenafil Citrate—The nucleus Cost Lesser In The East

 Any medication is formulated on the cornerstone of an active ingredient. So is the case with Kamagra, its synthesis primarily revolves around sildenafil citrate and other tested medical ingredients used, enhance the efficacy of Kamagra further. Now the question is—if the same active ingredient is being used in both the viagra and Kamagra, then where is the disparity?  You must be thinking—any of the two drugs can be purchased alternatively, but wait!

The cost of sildenafil citrate is way lesser in the eastern part of the world where Kamagra has been formulated also. To stress it further, we can say the overall cost of any R&D based medicinal product relies on the formulation and composition cost of the active ingredient.

Kamagra and Viagra, both pharmaceutical products are approved by FDA, both shares the same efficacy when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction To make an analogy between the two drugs (Viagra and Kamagra), you must check the prices of both the products. Here is the vast difference, Viagra costs thrice as much as Kamagra, it suffices to the conclusion that Kamagra gains an edge over Viagra based on all the analogical parameters.

Recognise the Credibility Of A Website To Buy Kamagra Online

Now, even someone is impressed to read about the proven efficacy and cheap price of Kamagra, and intend to buy the medicine. The individual gets stuck in the dilemma that where to source the medicine from? Dozens of online pharmacies and suppliers effusively welcome the ED affected patients to purchase pertinent medicines from their platforms but there are so many scammers out there who flog counterfeited drugs to the naïve customers. That’s a shame! Buyers can act a little clever by checking the packaging and information on the website of the sellers.

Kamagra is manufactured solely by a reputed pharmaceutical company called Ajanta Pharmacy. Apart from this company, any other company claims to be the manufacturer of Kamagra is a complete trickery.

You can check the duration for which any online platform has been selling Kamagra. Being a novelty, this medication is available on the online platform in Uk and other western countries from only a few years. So, any seller claims to be selling this medicine for a decade might not be genuine. Just confirm the manufacturer’s name on the pills (it should be only Ajanta Pharmacy) and check some product reviews from the previous customers. Here you go! You can put your trust on that supplier and go for a purchase of Kamagra online.

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