Can I Cure of ED Permanently?

Effect of Erectile Dysfunction

People, who get victimized by erectile dysfunction in life, often get stranded in myriads of thoughts. Erectile Dysfunction is a confounding topic which people often misconstrue and reach incorrect conclusions. Mostly all ED patients always ruminate about their lost virility and long to regain their lively days on the linen. Here, before we know whether is there a way to fix or cure of ED function permanently, we will shed light on the root cause of the condition and we will know here, why some men lose the ability to attain an erection in the penis.

To understand the erection process of the penis, let’s understand the basics first:

There are some smooth muscles in the penis which stay in the state of contraction when the penis is in a flaccid state. These smooth muscles in the penis clench the blood vessels around the penile region and only allow optimum blood flow to keep the penile region sensitive. The constant contraction of the smooth muscles in the penis is due to the presence of calcium present in the muscles. These smooth muscles only relax and release the pressure from the blood vessels when we get turned on by some thought or stimulation. When a man gets aroused, the brain releases a chemical called dopamine which sends signals to the smooth muscles in the penis and general nitric oxide. The nitric oxide generated reduces the calcium composition around the smooth muscles and allows the smooth muscles to relax and release the pressure from the blood vessels. The suppressed blood vessels get enough room to expand which lead the augmented blood flow through the reproductive organ. Along with dopamine and nitric oxide, testosterone also plays a crucial role to maintain the libido of a man. A drop in the testosterone level can directly affect the sex drive or the erectile ability of a man. Now you know the complete process of the erection in the reproductive organ of a man, and perhaps the crux of the whole literature of ED is clear to most of you that—an imbalance in the dopamine, nitric oxide and testosterone can harm the erectile ability of the reproductive organ.

Now let’s go back to the same question where we started…Can the condition of Erectile Dysfunction Be Permanently Fixed?

Well, it totally depends on the reason what caused you the ED. If you have a low testosterone level, there are higher chances that you might be able to restore the erection ability by restoring the optimum level of testosterone level in your body.
The chances for the cure of ED or its attenuation totally depend on the reason which causes this ailment to men. When psychological factors are behind the cause of ED in a guy, then improving the lifestyle and making the required changes in the habits can totally cure the ED. However, when the erectile dysfunction is based on several physiological disorders like diabetes, stress, nerve damage, and heart damage, then it becomes important to treat the underlying condition behind impotence first.

There are long-term solutions like penis transplant and vacuum therapy available in medical science but these solutions come at a cut-throat price which isn’t possible for everyone to afford.

However, there are some cheap alternatives available as well in the form of oral medications which have been proven successful on each patient. These medications come under different brand stamps but mostly contain any of the following active ingredients which are FDA approved medical agents to treat erectile dysfunction:

• Sildenafil—Medicines like Kamagra, Viagra, and Silagra use sildenafil citrate as the active
component and work on the erectile dysfunction with an onset of 20 minutes.
• Tadalafil—It’s considered as the longest lasting PDE-5 inhibitor which stays effective in the
erectile tissues for up to 36 hours
• Vardenafil—It’s used in medicines like Levitra which is one of the only oral ED drugs which has
almost no side effect on the user.