Common Mistakes People Do While Taking Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Erectile Dysfunction medications

The problem of impotence among men is increasing at an alarming rate which in turn is causing a great demand for Erectile Dysfunction medications among the sufferers. But, in the fast-paced life, people are too ambitious for quick results in everything. There are many users of ed-drugs around the world who complain about the ineffectiveness of medicine on their medical condition. Firstly, you can’t expect the medications to conjure something in a jiffy and make you the virile buck.

A drug which is synthesised to treat the erectile tissues can be effective only when the user adheres to the guidelines of the medication. To understand this further, let’s go into further details of this subject and know about the actual reasons behind the ED-medicine user’s grumbles. 

  • The Casual Attitude In The Timing of Doses Pulls the Reins

In many cases, it’s been observed that people take the dosage guidelines of any medicine for granted. This is a common error done by ed-medicine users and almost 31% of patients share it. After following the few regular doses, patients start trifling with the timing of doses. This imbalance can make an impact on the effectiveness of medicine like Kamagra or Silagra. Any ed-affected person should strictly take the medicine at least 30 minutes prior to the plan of any sexual act. This gives ample time to the active ingredient of the medicine to kick into the system and augment the blood flow to the penis to resuscitate the erectile tissues on time. 

  • The Presumption—the Same Dose is Going to Work for Me Every Time

Initial users of any anti-impotence drug usually are smart enough to start off wild a mild dose of the medicines like Kamagra tablets or any other sildenafil based drug. Once that mild dose starts working for their erectile dysfunction people start considering that as an optimum amount for eternity. That’s a big misconception people live in, being a new user of a potent drug like Kamagra, a full 100 mg dose may be excessively strong and split half of the tablet is suitable to let the effect slowly settle in the system.

But, it doesn’t mean you will get results from that mild 50 mg split tablets. As we take a dose of any medication, our body gets used to a certain amount of compound intake and slowly shows a weaker response to the repetitive amount of medical ingredients. To overcome this, an ed-patient should gradually increase the dose over the period of time, this enables the body to respond more positively to the augmented intake of medications and shows a continuous improvement on the targeted ailment. So, just try increasing the amount of your ed-drug before you curse it again.  

  • A Big Meal Prior To Consumption of ED-drug – Spoil Sport

Many people take a big vegan meal and then plan to frolic on the linen sheets with the help of an ed-drug. That’s not on the cards at all. Medications which are formulated using sildenafil citrate as the active ingredient work efficiently on the penile dysfunction only when taken before any heavy meal or after the complete digestion of the previously taken food. This is because the ingredients of an ed-drug can drain out of the digestive system with other food items being digested simultaneously. So, next time when you plan to take any anti-impotence drug, make sure you take it after 2-3 hours of eating a meal.