5 Myths You Need to Know about Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction-a scientific term but can be perceived by every layman. Such terminology draws anyone’s attention immediately and the individual gets confused for a while about the subject. It’s very important for an individual to understand this subject and know the in-depth facts of it, before reaching any conclusion. People usually relate erectile dysfunction with age or genetic fault, but it’s a totally unrealistic fact. Likewise, there are many myths about erectile dysfunction that people have misconstrued and might have spread the same misconception around the neighbourhood.

Following are the 5 pervasive myths about erectile dysfunction and the actual truths behind them:

Myth 1: Chances of Erectile Dysfunction or ED Increases with Age.

Fact: This misconception is common that an ageing buck loses his ability to be virile on the bed. Impotence has very less to do with the age, in fact, there have been reports of people who are floating above the mark of 65 years of age are still able to enjoy their sex-life. The human body loses its immunity due to unfit health and many other diseases, and this may cause the suppression of the blood vessels around the body including the penile region, which results in a weaker erection or a total dysfunction. But, this can happen even with a young lad who is overweight and have a disease like diabetes. So, this myth that only oldies get ED gets exposed here.

Myth 2: There is no Potential Threat to the Overall Health due to ED.

Fact: Many people who suffer from ED usually succumb to the condition and give up all efforts to recover from this particular ailment. They just feel that their pleasurable times on the linen sheets are extinct. But ED can be a harbinger for many more potential diseases like diabetes and even cardiovascular diseases.

Myth 3: ED is due to a Lack of Sexual Attraction Towards the Partner

Fact: Sometimes perhaps the spark might be missing from the relationship of a couple and the woman fail to excite her man to the fullest, but that can never be the sole reason for a total dysfunction of the penis. Erectile dysfunction is that vulnerable stage of manhood where a person totally loses his ability to attain even a bit of tension in the penis. Usually, men suffer from ED due to high blood pressure or diabetes-related conditions but put the blame on their female partners about lack of stimulation.

Myth 4: There is no Solution of ED, the Sufferer just have to Deal with it.

Fact: People believe that once they are diagnosed with impotence, they just have to face the consequences of its whole life and can never again indulge in any sexual activity. Whereas, the fact is there are so many oral medications available these days which can resuscitate an ED patient’s virility with just an effective dose. Usually, these medications are easily available and have a fast onset.

Myth 5: Topping up the testosterone levels in the body can treat ED

Fact: Many people live in the misapprehension that the reason for erectile dysfunction is due to low testosterone levels, but most of them don’t know the right level of testosterone in a male human body. About 300ng/dl is considered to be the optimum level of testosterone, and no matter how much you try to heighten the level further it won’t make any magical effect on your erectile tissues.

Only if your testosterone level is diagnosed below 300ng/dl, then you can try to pump an additional amount of testosterone into your body. Apart from that, taking excessive levels of testosterone can only cause muscular growth in your body but can’t improve the dysfunction of the reproductive organ.

As a matter of fact, you don’t need to be crestfallen and life doesn’t end if you are affected by this most hated disease among men. All you need is the right information about your condition and the right methods to improve the ailment. There are many effective oral medications like Kamagra, Silagra, and Levitra which are classified as PDE5 inhibitors and can work on Erectile Dysfunction or ED efficiently.