Kamagra is Available in UK in Jelly Variant Now

Jelly Variant of Kamagra

Kamagra has been known to be a rescuer for men who are struck by impotence in their lives. The medicine was first introduced in hard tablet form in early 2000. After gaining a lot of popularity in the eastern countries like India and China, the western nations like the US and UK heeded the medicine’s claimed effect on ED or Erectile Dysfunction. When it was found that Kamagra is not any different than the ED medicine Viagra—which has known to be highly effective on ED—the medical society approved Kamagra tablets as equivalent to Viagra.

Jelly Variant of Kamagra

Till 2015, Kamagra in UK was available in the tablet variant only but recently the manufacturer, Ajanta Pharmaceutical Ltd. formulated this delectable jelly variant of Kamagra. In the scientific trials, Kamagra Jelly proved to be having a faster onset on erectile tissues than the hard tablet form of the same medicine.  The fact that Jelly form works faster than the hard tablets made several existing users of the tablets switch to the jelly variant.

Composition of Kamagra

Kamagra is basically a brand name, the actual magic lies in the active component of the drug. Kamagra tablets or jelly are composed of a PDE 5 inhibitor compound called Sildenafil Citrate.  Sildenafil is the first ever pharmaceutical compound discovered in medical science which could treat the erectile problems in men and was also found effective in a disease like pulmonary hypertension. The concentrated form of sildenafil is mixed with other binding agents like glucose and starch to give a final tablet form. The sugar ratio is increased in the composition of the jelly variant of the drug which also allows the medicine to dissolve into the digestive system at a rapid rate.

The Advent of Kamagra Jelly in UK

At the beginning of 2018, the manufacturer of Kamagra registered Kamagra Jelly as an ED drug and officially stated that its effect is equivalent to its predecessor i.e.  Kamagra tablet. Few pharmaceutical traders in the UK noticed the remarkable claims about this new Jelly form of Kamagra and imported this medicine to the local market. Within months, ED patients who have been resorting to Viagra Gel for sexual resuscitation were smart enough to try this new alternative. People indeed liked the cheap price of this new drug as it is 10 times cheaper than Viagra Gel.

Logically, people with the problem of ED or impotence can put their faiths on Kamagra jelly and the facts substantiate the claims of the manufacturer of this medicine as well. In the present scenario, Kamagra jelly is mostly available on online pharmacies.  Online purchase of this medicine reduces the hassle of going from pharmacy to pharmacy in search of such rare medicine in the UK.