Levitra Tablets—A Strong ED Medication Which Also Treats Premature Ejaculation

Levitra, manufactured by Bayer is a medically approved drug for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). This medication is composed of Vardenafil and its efficacy has been proven in different scientific studies conducted on the drug. Levitra tablets are classified as a PDE 5 inhibitor and have a longer midlife than most of the other anti-impotence medication available in the pharmaceutical market. The active ingredient used in the composition of Levitra tablets –Vardenafil has a slightly different molecular formula than Sildenafil, which is used as an active ingredient in the synthesis of Kamagra, Silagra and few more branded ED drugs.

How Do Levitra Tablets Work In The Human System?

Like other PDE 5 inhibitors, Levitra also works by regulating the blood flow in the penis. The active molecules of the medicine inhibit the PDE5 enzyme which affects the regulation of the blood flow in the penis during sexual stimulation. Levitra is also used in treating the premature ejaculation in some cases, allows the user to have a prolonged session of intercourse. It’s one of those rare ED drugs which give a dual effect on erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation simultaneously.

How Do Men Get Erectile Dysfunction?

There are various factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction. All the underlying medical conditions have an impact on the circulation of blood in the penile region which causes a significant damage to the corpus cavernosum (erectile tissues present in the penis).

Studies also show that erectile dysfunction is caused by certain lifestyle choices like smoking, drug use and excessive intake of alcohol. In some cases, impotence can strike a person if he consistently goes through a stressful phase of life. In the recent studies, psychological causes are emerging as common reasons for impotence.

Does Levitra Works Every Time?

The effect of the active ingredient—Vardenafil on erectile tissues is usually consistent and predictable. The results of different experiments and studies conducted on Levitra can be found on public platforms, which explicitly describe the positive effect of the medication in restoring the erectile abilities of a man impacted by ED.

The Duration OF Effect

Whereas a highly priced drug like Viagra only has a half-life of 4 hours, the economically priced Levitra has an officially registered half-life of 8 hours. By remaining effective for more than 15 hours in the system, Levitra tablets is one of those few ED drugs which enables the user to remain sexually active throughout the day. With a little stimulation, one can achieve a rock-solid erection whenever he wants, under the effect of Levitra.

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