Stress and Anxiety Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Stress and Anxiety

Erectile dysfunction or ED is rampantly increasing sexual disorder in men and victimized over 18 million people in the UK. The number of ED patients is indeed striking but what’s more disturbing is the lack of awareness among those patients about this prevalent sexual disorder. Commonly doctors attribute Erectile Dysfunction to growing age in men and therefore, people have developed this sole notion that ED only happens to those men who cross the age of 40.

However, the relation between growing age and ED has been scientifically established but studies also suggest that in every case of ED, age is the hold factor to hold responsible.

Stress Block the Path of Erection Signals from Brain

In fact, it’s been found that stress and anxiety contribute equally to cause a weak erection in the penis—the process of penile erection starts from the brain—a man visually experiences something arousing or gets an exciting thought, which triggers the brain to transmit signals to the flaccid penis which stimulates the organ. When a person is psychologically disturbed and persistently suffers from a phase of anxiety then the individual becomes vulnerable to a chronic disorder.

During such anxiety disorder, certain receptors of the nervous system transmit stress signals which can overpower the sexual signals generated by other receptors, adjacently located. A person who gets affected by chronic anxiety issues, consistently face tremors within their body and mind. This distraction doesn’t allow the brain to uninhibitedly send the sexual signals to the loose muscles of the penis. As a result, the stress-affected person struggles to gain an erection. When stress is discovered as the root cause in the etiology of ED, doctors treat patients to curb the anxiety attacks in the first place. Anti-anxiety drugs are given to such people which helps to cut down the level of chemicals in the brain which cause stress or anxiety.

Treating Anxiety Always Don’t Ensure the Cure of ED

There have been several case studies which insinuate that despite treating the anxiety problems men haven’t always recovered from Erectile Dysfunction. The primary reason for this has been found as excessive damage to the penile tissues and blocked veins around the region. In such scenario doctors advise the usage of ED medicines as a secondary remedy. An ED medicine like Kamagra can help to recuperate the damaged muscle tissues in the penis and the drug has been found to dilate the veins and promote the blood flow to the penis, when taken in the right amount. Cheap kamagra pills or tablets aren’t difficult to get when an individual chooses an unconventional method to buy kamagra through an online drug store. Local pharmacies are less likely to keep such drug in their stock since kamagra is manufactured in India and which discourages many traders to avoid importing the drug.