Five Myths You Need To Know About Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction-a scientific term but can be perceived by every layman. Such terminology draws anyone’s attention immediately and the individual gets confused for a while about the subject. It’s very important for an individual tounderstand this subject and know the in-depth facts of it, before reaching any conclusion. People usually relate erectile dysfunction with age or genetic fault, but it’s a totally unrealistic fact. Likewise, there are many other myths which are related to erectile dysfunction that people have misconstrued and might have spread the same misconception around the neighbourhood.

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Most Interesting Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

More than 6 million men in UK suffer from the problem of Erectile Dysfunction or ED at the present date. Despite the huge number of patients, there is very less information about this subject which is available to a layman. Lack of information often leads to some confusion among people and those who get affected by a problem like ED never get to know about the real cause of their disease.

Here are some interesting facts about Erectile Dysfunction and reproductive organ of a man which many people may find surprising:

  • Men who think they have ED may actually be just guessing—

    Men who are above 50 years of age are more likely to face erectile dissatisfaction than erectile dysfunction. Erectile dissatisfaction can be due to lack of stimulation in the reproductive organ which reduces the ability of the person to maintain the erection for a longer duration.

  • ED Medications are ineffective—   Many people complain that the ED medications they have taken to treat their impotence never worked for them. But, in the studies, it’s been found that such people never take the recommended doses of drugs like Kamagra or Silagra and still they expect the medicines to work while consuming them in an arbitrary amount.
  • Erections are must to achieve orgasm—Many people think that without a healthy erection, one can’t reach to an orgasm. According to the scientific facts, this point has been found totally false. A man can reach to an orgasmic stage when get aroused enough even without getting an erection.
  • Stress can make the ED even worse
  • Psychological stress can even make the condition of ED worse. When a man is affected by ED, he may find the situation difficult to accept and suffer from additional psychological stress. In such cases, a proper consultation with a doctor may help the patient.

Top Most Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction In Men

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ED or Erectile Dysfunction is a health condition when a man loses the ability to achieve or maintain a healthy erection in the penis. Inability to get ejaculation in a timely manner can also be a harbinger of impotence. According to the research studies, an estimated 55% of men from the age group f 40 to 65 face the problem of weak erection or complete dysfunction of the reproductive organ. It is true that the chances of ED or impotence increasing with the growing age and there has been an alarming growth in the number of ED patients since 2008. Many people blame the excessive stress of life to be the cause of impotence, but these are just assumptions and not supported by any medical facts. Men with higher education rate or men who have the knack to read about medical science may like to find some homespun remedies for their sexual disorder, but those remedies are just based on their mere speculations and without knowing the root cause of the medical condition, these speculative treatments may not be effective for long period of time.

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