Effect Of Erectile Dysfunction On The Growing Age

More than 6 million men in UK are affected by ED, according to the reputed medical institute in London. Although the chances of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) increases with the growing age but it’s not inevitable that an ageing man will be affected by ED.  Usually, men above the age of 50 struggle from sexual dissatisfaction rather than erectile dysfunction. In general, no matter how old you become, if you stay healthy and keep control over your eating habits, the problem to ED can be kept away quite easily.

Here is the demographic of the ED patients in UK:

  • Around 15 % of men who are above the age of 60 found to be affected by ED.
  • Only 21% of men between the age group of 50 to 60 are reported to be suffering from impotence in the time span of 5 years.
  • From the population of men who were above the age of 70, around 30 % of men were reported to have ED till Feb 2018.

  The Case Studies On Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction or ED can strike a man at any age, even a 25-year-old guy can be affected by this hated disease. In a study conducted by a group of elite medical researchers, a bunch of men with the Symptoms of ED were diagnosed properly.  It was found that most of the men who were diagnosed with the escalated stages of ED were under the age of 40.

The researchers found that most of the men who were suffering from dysfunction of the reproductive organ were heavy smokers and users of recreational substances. Older men who were diagnosed with ED, the reason behind their medical condition were mostly obesity and underlying medical conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Diagnosis Methods Of ED

Usually, on the consultation with medical experts, they ask you about your medical history to understand the medical condition. Patients with symptoms of ED are prescribed the physical examination of lungs, heart and reproductive organ.  Doctors may recommend a rectal examination to check the condition of the prostate as well. Also, blood and urine tests are also recommended by medical practitioners to rule out other medical conditions.

Treatment Available For ED

There are both medicinal and non-medicinal options available for the treatment of ED. Usually, doctors’ recommend the ED patients to take help of the oral medications to restore the erectile abilities. Oral ED drugs are though not a permanent solution to recover completely from erectile dysfunction but they are medically proven to improve the quality of the erection over the time if taken in the right dosage recommendations.

Here are FDA approved medical compounds which are used as active ingredient in oral ED drugs and have proven efficacy on erectile dysfunction:

Don’t Let Your Age Be The Hindrance—Bring More Intimacy To Your Relationship

With the growing age, the passion between a couple loses its depth and especially men accept the fact that they can’t be virile anymore as they ever used to be. But, it may not be a growing age which is weakening your potency. Ever wondered about something called sexual disorder?  Yes, doesn’t matter if you have crossed the threshold of 40 years or even 45, it’s not inevitable that you will face a slump in your libido.

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