The Three Yoga Poses Which Can Treat Erectile dysfunction

People affected by Erectile Dysfunction (ED) scour for each possible treatment options. In the course of that, sometimes they end up splurging their hard earned money on things which claim to cure ED but eventually don’t have any effect on the medical problem.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the persistent inability of a man to get any kind of stiffness and erection in the reproductive organ. This medical problem doesn’t depend on the age of the man; it can affect literally any guy from any age group. Although there are some scientifically tested oral medications like Kamagra, Levitra & Apcalis, which are known to treat this sexual disorder. For ailing individuals, who are in the early days of erectile disability, they can attenuate this trouble by following some very simple exercises.

Yoga, as we all know is a powerful method to get rid of many diseases and mental stress. It may sound surprising but there are few yoga poses which can treat erectile dysfunction in men as well.

Here are the 3 best yoga poses which can pull an individual from the moat of impotence:

  1. The Seated Forward Bend Posture—Paschimottanasana

This posture helps in relaxing the pelvic muscles of the body which becomes stiff due to sitting in one posture for long periods of time. This yoga posture allows the blood vessels to expand which promotes the blood flow through the penile region. As every other yoga pose does, performing this posture also relieves mild depression.

The Right Way To Do It:
  • Sit on the yoga mat with your legs extended in front of you. Lean your body on the left side while pulling your sit bone. Repeat this process on the other side as well.
  • Take a deep breath and sit upright. Slowly reach for your toes and lengthen your tailbone. Grab your feet and hold the position for few minutes before relaxing back to the previous position.
  • Hold this pose between 1 – 3 minutes and repeat this pose for as many times as possible. Don’t push your body too hard and focus on the breathing while performing this exercise.
  1. The Standing Forward Bend—Utthanasana     

This pose is very common in many yoga routines. This pose is known to help in infertility, it also improves the digestion. By performing this yoga pose you can get relief from anxiety as well.


 The Right Way To Do It:
  • Stand at the edge of your yoga mat, keep your hands on the hips and gradually bend over making while lengthening your body. Exhale deeply while you lean forward.
  • While bending over your torso, keep your knees straight and try to touch your toes with your fingers of the hands.
  • Stretch your body as much as possible. For the first-timers, you may find it difficult to keep the  knees straight while touching the toes. Try the pose repeated and soon you will find the flexibility in your body to perform this exercise perfectly.
  1. The Butterfly Pose—BaddhaKonasana

This yoga pose is also known as bound angle pose. By performing this exercise you can strengthen the inner thighs and groin which results in the stimulation of the prostate gland, kidneys and organs in the abdomen. This pose has been found very effective in restoring the erectile abilities in men.

The Right Way To Do It:
  • Sit on the one end of the mat with your legs extended. Place a pillow or blanket under your pelvis for making the pose a bit easy.
  • Bend your knees while you exhale, pull your heels towards your hips, one at a time. Then drop the knees on either side of the body.
  • Try to stay in this pose for 1 – 5 minutes and breathe properly.

Kamagra – Best ED medicine in UK

Erectile dysfunction is not only embarrassing, but the inability to attain a satisfactory erection is frightening and brings a number of psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, fear and depression.  Men may get the impression that they are no longer worthy as a lover or as a husband.

Poor quality of erection deprives men from enjoying a normal and healthy sexual life. This problem erodes their confidence and self-esteem. ED often leads to decreased intimacy with their spouse or female buddy. As per a survey, several marriages have ended and relationships have turned sour due to the absence of physical love among couples.  Kamagra helps ED patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction to attain and sustain an erection when they are sexually aroused during intercourse.It belongs to a group of medications known as PDE 5 inhibitors.

Sildenafil Citrate is the principal ingredient of this medicine which fills the chambers of the penis with more blood. Within half an hour after its consumption, males attain a rock solid erection, necessary enough for successful intercourse. Couples have enjoyed multiple rounds of lovemaking activity with the correct use of this pill.

The erection goes away after the sex is over. The Food and Drug Administration has found this drug to be highly effective in treating erectile dysfunction. Kamagra Medications are available in different forms – Tablets, soft tablets and jellies. The softer version of this medicine has proved to be a boon for patients who disliked gulping hard pills and tablets. The availability of Kamagra on different online stores has made it easier for ED patients to buy Kamagra online without a doctor’s prescription. Online medicine stores supply authentic medicines at best prices. You just have to fill in the necessary details, make the online payment and the medicine will be delivered to your doorstep.

Individuals suffering from ailments of heart, liver, lungs and kidney should seek the opinion of a healthcare professional before its use. Similarly, men taking nitrates or other ED medications should stay away from its use. Use of alcohol, nicotine, recreational substance and grapefruit juice is strictly prohibited amid its use.

Exercises Which Can Help You To Improve Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction (ED is an inability to gain or maintain a healthy erection in the penis. This problem can be found in every 1 out of 5 men, who are between the age group of 40 to 65. Usually, this disturbing medical problem is caused by various underlying medical conditions including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and low level of testosterone.  There can other factors like psychological issues, nerve damage and improper secretion of hormones, which contribute to the main cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Generally, people resort to the first-line therapy i.e. oral drugs, to treat erectile dysfunction. Although the oral medications like Kamagra Tablets and Levitra can give some relief to the individual ailing with ED on a temporary basis, these ED drugs aren’t meant to cure the impotence completely.

Kamagra tablets are formulated using sildenafil as the prime ingredient which is an FDA approved medical compound to treat the dead erectile tissues of the reproductive organ. The efficacy of this drug on ED is proven and it has a half-life of 4 hours. Levitra is another efficacious ED drug whose effect has been scientifically proven on the impotence. It contains Vardanafil and has a longer half-life than sildenafil based drugs.  Although these oral compounds can help in getting a quick and healthy erection with each dose, but if someone aims to improve the sexual health naturally, then there are some proven exercises which can significantly improve the erectile function of the penis.

A University from the West of United Kingdom conducted a study on the subject and found that certain pelvic exercises helped more than 35 percent of men with weak or damaged erectile function. These people followed the instructed exercises and they were able to regain their normal erectile function. Also, another 40 percent of the people who were instructed the pelvic exercises informed that although not fully, but they felt a significant improvement in their erectile abilities.

The scientific study bolstered the fact that pelvic floor exercises can improve the erectile disability of a man. More commonly known as Kegel exercises, women perform such exercises in order to regain muscle tone after childbirth. The same exercises can actually help a man who is facing deterioration in sexual health. Kegel exercises, if properly done help to strengthen bulbocavernosus muscles.  This is a very important muscle which allows the transfer of blood into the penis and it helps during ejaculation as well.

The Right Ways To perform Kegel Exercises

People, who don’t understand where is the pelvic muscles, for them, the best way to locate the pelvic muscles is by stopping the stream of urination in the middle. The muscles you clench to perform such act is the lower pelvis (pelvic muscle).  To exercise such muscles, one shall repeat the act of holding the stream of urine for 10 to 15 times.  Squeezing those muscles for up to 5 seconds, and repeating it for as many times as possible strengthen the lower pelvis of the body, which can result in the great improvement of the erectile ability.

The Alternate way to Exercise the Pelvic Muscles

Squeezing the muscles and repeating the Kegel for more than 10 times might be a tough ask for many people. Those who find it difficult can use an alternate way to strengthen their pelvic muscles.  You can squeeze the muscles of your anus, just like you hold the bowel movements.  Squeeze the muscles and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds, once you start feeling the contraction, slowly release your breath and relax the muscles.

Five Myths You Need To Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Last updated on June 13th, 2018 at 10:05 am

Erectile Dysfunction-a scientific term but can be perceived by every layman. Such terminology draws anyone’s attention immediately and the individual gets confused for a while about the subject. It’s very important for an individual tounderstand this subject and know the in-depth facts of it, before reaching any conclusion. People usually relate erectile dysfunction with age or genetic fault, but it’s a totally unrealistic fact. Likewise, there are many other myths which are related to erectile dysfunction that people have misconstrued and might have spread the same misconception around the neighbourhood.

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Most Interesting Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

More than 6 million men in UK suffer from the problem of Erectile Dysfunction or ED at the present date. Despite the huge number of patients, there is very less information about this subject which is available to a layman. Lack of information often leads to some confusion among people and those who get affected by a problem like ED never get to know about the real cause of their disease.

Here are some interesting facts about Erectile Dysfunction and reproductive organ of a man which many people may find surprising:

  • Men who think they have ED may actually be just guessing—

    Men who are above 50 years of age are more likely to face erectile dissatisfaction than erectile dysfunction. Erectile dissatisfaction can be due to lack of stimulation in the reproductive organ which reduces the ability of the person to maintain the erection for a longer duration.

  • ED Medications are ineffective—   Many people complain that the ED medications they have taken to treat their impotence never worked for them. But, in the studies, it’s been found that such people never take the recommended doses of drugs like Kamagra or Silagra and still they expect the medicines to work while consuming them in an arbitrary amount.
  • Erections are must to achieve orgasm—Many people think that without a healthy erection, one can’t reach to an orgasm. According to the scientific facts, this point has been found totally false. A man can reach to an orgasmic stage when get aroused enough even without getting an erection.
  • Stress can make the ED even worse
  • Psychological stress can even make the condition of ED worse. When a man is affected by ED, he may find the situation difficult to accept and suffer from additional psychological stress. In such cases, a proper consultation with a doctor may help the patient.

Top Most Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction In Men

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ED or Erectile Dysfunction is a health condition when a man loses the ability to achieve or maintain a healthy erection in the penis. Inability to get ejaculation in a timely manner can also be a harbinger of impotence. According to the research studies, an estimated 55% of men from the age group f 40 to 65 face the problem of weak erection or complete dysfunction of the reproductive organ. It is true that the chances of ED or impotence increasing with the growing age and there has been an alarming growth in the number of ED patients since 2008. Many people blame the excessive stress of life to be the cause of impotence, but these are just assumptions and not supported by any medical facts. Men with higher education rate or men who have the knack to read about medical science may like to find some homespun remedies for their sexual disorder, but those remedies are just based on their mere speculations and without knowing the root cause of the medical condition, these speculative treatments may not be effective for long period of time.

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Can I Take Kamagra Every day?

Almost every guy keeps a fantasy to perform like a champion on the linens and fancy the frolicking action with their female mates. In the attempt to achieve that kind of intense virility, people try numerous methods to bolster their manhood.  Men, who fall weak during the venereal act repeatedly with their baes, often face jibes and embarrassment.

Basically, there are two kinds of men here we are talking about. The first kind is those, who are sexually healthy but still can’t get enough of things, and still long for more. Second are those who are troubled by the problem of erectile dysfunction and fail to achieve an erection despite persistent stimulation.

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Can I Cure My ED Permanently

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People, who get victimized by erectile dysfunction in life, often get stranded in myriads of thoughts. Erectile Dysfunction is a confounding topic which people often misconstrue and reach to incorrect conclusions. Mostly all ED patients always ruminate about their lost virility and long to regain their lively days on the linen. Here, before we know whether is there a way to fix the erectile dysfunction permanently, we will shed light on the root cause of the condition and we will know here, why some men lose the ability to attain an erection in the penis.

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Is Kamagra The Same As Viagra

Last updated on May 30th, 2018 at 06:39 am

Many people are stranded in the dilemma that all the positive talks being heard about Kamagra are really credible or not. It is pretty easy to impeach the credibility of something but it’s worth extending a question or two to confirm the standard of a product, especially when it comes to a pharmaceutical product. If you google the term “Kamagra”, it will mostly show you results with websites enlisted which claim to sell authentic Kamagra. Although their products might be genuine no platform takes the bother to educate the ed-drug seekers about a novel drug-like Kamagra, which promulgates the ignorance among people and lead to different concocted stories.

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Common Mistakes People Do While Taking Ed Medications

The problem of impotence among men is increasing at an alarming rate which in turn is causing a great demand of ed-medications among the sufferers. But, in the fast-paced life, people are too ambitious for quick results in everything. There are many users of ed-drugs around the world who complain about the ineffectiveness of the medicine on their medical condition. Firstly, you can’t expect the medications to conjure something in a jiffy and make you the virile buck.

A drug which is synthesised to treat the erectile tissues can be effective only when the user adheres to the guidelines of the medication. To understand this further, let’s go into further details of this subject and know about the actual reasons behind the ED-medicine user’s grumbles. 

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