What Should You Do When You Have ED?

Have ED

A man gets puzzled and feels bereft when he realizes that his manhood is on the stake and he might not get the pleasure of sex in the remaining life. Most of the guys when fail to gain erections get befuddled and can’t figure out the next step they should take to fight the medical condition. A situation like that when it transpires that you have ED requires the calmest disposition. Especially, when you know that the disease is treatable there is not much of a handwringing.

When are fail to achieve an erection after persistent efforts, keeping a calm head on the shoulders, you shall adhere to the following steps:

1. Search for a Urologist and Take an Appointment with an ED Specialist

A urologist is a medical expert who specializes in treating the problems in the reproductive organ of men and women.  An ED specialist can be a urologist who primarily treats men’s issues. A proper consultation with a sex specialist and sharing every issue regarding sexual health without any inhibition is what a man should do.

2. Avoid Alcohol Intake and Smoke Right Away

Many wallow in alcohol and cigarettes but are oblivious to the fact that these recreational habits can cause clogging in the arteries and slow down the blood flow in the body. An erratic flow of blood to the reproductive organ often deteriorates the health of the penis tissues.

3. Start Yoga and Other Exercises

Yoga and other physical exercises can restore the blood flow in the body. Sometimes, when you are in the initial stage of Erectile Dysfunction, yoga can restore your sexual ability naturally. An ED specialist would also advise you to practice exercises.

4. Consider the Short-term Solution—ED Drugs

On consultation with a sex specialist, the expert may prescribe you some ED drugs like Kamagra, Viagra, etc. Although such ED medicines only restore the erectile disability for a temporary basis, still, the reinvigorated organ would man a man capable enough to relish a sought-after sexual session.

5. A Long-term Solution—Vaccum Therapy is Worth Considering

However, if you buy Kamagra and variants like Kamagra tablets and Kamagra jelly might do the job temporarily for you but a urologist would always advise you to undergo a vacuum therapy, which is a more result-oriented remedy and can restore the erectile ability of the penis on the permanent grounds.