You Won’t Have To Consult A Urologist Once You Know About Kamagra

Consult A Urologist Once You Know


When people suffer through a minor problem related to their sexual health, they often panic and scurry to a Urologist (a medical specialist for men’s and women’s sexual health) as they hope that the specialist would be able to give a perfect prognosis on their medical condition.

It is logical though that a certified expert would help with the best solution in such vulnerable situations in life. But, what if that consultant cost you thousands of pounds? And the solutions suggested by them are months-long treatment.  Even the most composed person becomes impatient and frustrated when his manhood is under attack.

More than 26 % of the male population around the world is affected by a sexual problem like Erectile Dysfunction or ED. And, most of these ED patients are found to be oblivious about the seriousness of their medical condition. They get a heads up once their inability to upkeep the venereal sessions with their female partners creates a life-long rift between them.

Some people who are aware of the losses and risks of erectile disability in their life and health seek doctor’s help but the expenses hold them back to proceed with their treatment. But, you would be surprised to know that there is an ED drug which can give remission to the erection disability of a guy. Yes! A drug called Kamagra which is although tagged as a “temporary erection gainer” but this medicine, when taken for a long period of time and combined with some natural methods like Yoga, can improve the quality of erections on a permanent basis.

 Kamagra Is Not Different Than Viagra Except The Price

Men who have ever faced problems with erections might have heard about the popular blue pills or Viagra. Viagra has always been popular for its quick result-producing quality on the reproductive organ but it can’t be mistaken as a permanent relief. People who hesitate to undergo expensive permanent treatment like vacuum therapy once chose to resort to Viagra pills. But, later the manufacturer of the drug Pfizer kept on raising the cost of the drug which again put the patients of ED into a dilemma. In the present day, a single dose of Viagra 100mg cost about £ 9 which many people can’t afford to buy so easily. A new ED drug like Kamagra is a perfect solution for those who wish to restore their manhood on the linens.  Kamagra costs just about £ 0.5 and now available in the regions like the UK and Europe. Kamagra is composed of a compound called sildenafil which has been scientifically proven to promote the blood flow in the arteries and this helps to revive the dead or damaged tissues of the penis.  People can buy Kamagra from a medicine supplier online easily but local pharmacies have not yet been found to be selling such medicine. Cheap Kamagra drugs come into multiple variants.

Available Variants Of Kamagra

The manufacturer of the drug Ajanta Pharmaceuticals produces generic Kamagra into three forms:

  1. Kamagra Tablets—It is the general hard form of the medicine which comes in 100 mg doses which usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to kick in. Kamagra tablets can be purchased at a price of just £ 0.5.
  2. Kamagra Jelly—It is the modified version of hard tablet form. Kamagra Jelly can a good choice for people who dislike swallowing the bitter pills. It comes in multiple flavours as well. It has a shorter onset on ED in comparison to the tablets.
  3. Kamagra Soft Tablets—It is a unique variant of the generic Kamagra, which is rather softer than general tablets. Kamagra soft tablets are chewable and can be swallowed at last. It has an onset of 15 minutes on penile erections.