Refund Policy

Before return or refund of the product you should certainly go through our return policy which stands applicable for all our shipping consignments.

It depends on your choice of requirements that is easy to proceed according to our return policy and terms and conditions.

Any advancement of return process is only applicable if it stands for following viewpoints:

  • Your request of return will be fulfilled according to the UKKamagra refund policy
  • Return will be initiated and processed if applicable
  • Your return process may have to go through verification process
  • If you get any malfunction in your product and not delivered as promised
  • If product is tampered with, broken or damaged due to our shipping fault or mishandling
  • You place order for something else or get another product

Verification process leads to the examination of product, mishandling or any shipping error. If buyer shows any evidence to authenticate this viewpoint, it will be equally liable for fast returning of the product. The time duration for the returning process is seven working days.

If product is once used cannot fulfill the criteria of return policy. Any infringement of return policy can not lead to refund process. The initiation of refund process is only possible if return process has been finished. Wrong address information is the complete accountability of buyer and will not fulfill the criteria of the return policy. You must rectify your address information within 24 hours of placing an order to avoid any shipping faults.

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