What Is Precum - Can You Get Pregnant From Pre-Cum?

What Is Precum - Can You Get Pregnant From Pre-Cum?

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So, what is precum? Ejaculation occurs during the process of intercourse from the penis. Premature-ejaculation is a famous term, what is pre-ejaculation? It stands for prior to ejaculation (pre-ejaculation) a type of fluid is released that smooths the passage of semen, called precum.  Research by Precum has been reported by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) that the fluids released during the process of ejaculation contain a variety of enzymes and mucus, but do not contain sperm.  

Precum is a kind of natural lubricant.  In order to understand the Precum better, we have to understand the difference between Precum and Seamen. 

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When Does Pre-Cum Occur? 

When a man or woman thinks of having sex with a man they love or sees porn, a sticky pre-cum comes out like a drop of some quantity from his private part.  If we understand this by example, the way the favorite food items are seen, then the mouth gets watery. The same situation happens by attracting a favorite person and thinking about it.  Normally pre-cum does not contain sperm, but sometimes a very small amount of sperm can occur. 

Difference Between Precum And Semen 

The precipitate is the kind of substance emanating from the gonad of men during intercourse.  The precum precedes the semen, so this process is called pre-ejaculation, while the liquid coming out after it is called semen.  The semen contains sperm or spermatozoa and fructose, as well as other enzymes.  With the help of which fertilization occurs. If a pre-cum relationship can begin, ejaculation is the end.  The biggest difference between these two is that no shock is felt at the time of pre-cum discharge while at the time of ejaculation.  The amount of pre-cum is very small, while the amount of ejaculation is much higher than that of pre-cum.  The liquid released in pre-cum is transparent and viscous while the liquid ejaculated is white to yellowish and has a low viscosity. 

Can Pre-Ejaculation Cause Pregnancy? 

The question that arises in the minds of many people is, can you get pregnant from pre-ejaculation? Or are there chances of getting pregnant from precum? Well, It is a kind of lubricant when it comes to precum, but it is not an act of transporting semen and sperm from penis to vagina.  Does.  However, in a report by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the presence of sperm can also occur in the pre-ejaculation of a healthy male.  Therefore, there is less chance of pregnancy from preterm, but sometimes it can also be pregnant.  Pull-out methods are used to reduce the chances of pregnancy from the preterm.

 What Is The Pull-Out Method To Prevent Pregnancy From Pre-Ejaculation? 

The pull-out method is commonly known as the process of external ejaculation.  Pregnancy can be avoided with the help of a pull-out method during intercourse.  If it is understood in easy language, the precum or semen that removes pre-ejaculation or ejaculation from the penis during intercourse is not done inside the vahana but rather the semen is dropped outside.  However, it must be kept in mind during this time that even a drop of sperm can cause pregnancy.  At what time you have to become pregnant, is your own decision.  You can also consult a doctor about the sex condition to prevent pregnancy.  The doctor can advise you appropriately.  Having sex without protection is not right in any way.

Under prevention methods, medium to preventive means can prevent the egg and sperm from getting into the physical form.  This type of remedy is available for both men and women.

Apart from this method, there are many ways to avoid pregnancy due to precum which are as follows- 

  • External condom
  • Contraceptive medicine
  • Contraceptive injection
  • Diaphragm
  • Contraceptive patch
  • Intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Female condom

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External Condom 

It is a male contraceptive made of latex or polyurethane.  Along with preventing pregnancy, condoms also protect us from sexually transmitted diseases (such as HIV / AIDS).  It is made available by the government in India in the name of free detention in Anganwadi and wellness centers.  This can prevent pregnancy from both precum and sperm.

Contraceptive Medicine

Contraceptive Medicine 

Contraceptive drugs are available in the form of pills. There are two types of this medicine.  The first joint is the pill.  Which contains estrogen and progestogen hormone.  It is consumed once a day.  There are other drugs that contain only progestin hormone and it is also consumed only once a day.  Contraceptive pills are very effective in preventing pregnancy, and it also improve the conditions of pain, pimples or acne, and anemia during periods (menstruation).  There is no risk of any kind of pregnancy resulting from preterm or sperm.

Contraceptive Injection 

The injection is administered either with progestogen or with estrogen hormone.  It is applied once a month or once in three months according to the doctor's advice.  It acts as a contraceptive, just like contraceptive medicines.  Its effect can persist continuously for 8 to 13 weeks.  There are also three types of contraceptive injections, which you can take as advised by your health expert.  These can also prevent pregnancy from precum or sperm.


If you feel that using a condom does not make you feel good or feel risky and you feel that you may be pregnant with precum or sperm, then you can use a diaphragm instead of a condom.  The diaphragm is cup-shaped with a flexible rim made of latex or silicone, available in different sizes.  It is fitted inside the vagina with the help of experts so that eggs do not fertilize.  The diaphragm is used with a gel called spermicide (spermatozoa) which destroys the spermatozoa and is filled inside the cup.  After sex, the diaphragm should be kept within the vagina for at least 6 hours so that all sperms are destroyed. 


IUD stands for Intrauterine device.  It is shaped like a 'T' which is an intrauterine device made of plastic that is inserted into the womb.  This is a contraceptive lasting 5 to 10 years. IUD is not a permanent contraceptive. It can be removed at will as per your wish.  It is of copper and the hormonal type and can be used from three years to twelve years.  But note that IUDs do not provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases but can prevent pregnancy.

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