When You Should Take a Pregnancy Test | UK Kamagra

When You Should Take a Pregnancy Test | UK Kamagra

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If you are trying to conceive and the time for your menstruation has passed but menstruation is not coming, then only one question will be running in your mind, "Am I pregnant or not? ". At that time it's crucial to confirm pregnancy by a pregnancy test. So, when to take a pregnancy test? This dilemma is considerable in every woman's life. You can use a pregnancy test kit to confirm your pregnancy.  But pregnancy test kit results are not always accurate.  Some basic steps should be followed to get the right and reliable results.

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What Is A Pregnancy Test?

A pregnancy test is designed to check the level of cartilage hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin, hCG) in the blood or urine.  HCG is a hormone that is secreted by the fertilized egg, these hormones are contained in the lining of the uterus after being fertilized by the fertilized egg.  This test can be done in a few steps at home with the help of a pregnancy kit. You will find this pregnancy kit at a nearby medical store.  You can also go to a gynecologist for this test.  And if you are planning to do the test at home, then you have to follow all the steps mentioned in the kit only then the kit will give the correct result.  If you seek the help of a gynecologist, she will check your blood because a blood test is a more accurate test than a urine test. 

How Does A Pregnancy Test Kit Work? 

When you conceive, the body begins to change rapidly from that moment.  It is during this change that your body produces HCG, which increases exponentially as your pregnancy period increases, doubling its volume every 36 to 48 hours.  This HCG hormone is found in your blood as well as urine.  A pregnancy test done through a pregnancy test kit detects the level of HCG present in your urine.  As soon as your urine comes in contact with the pregnancy test kit, within a few minutes it becomes known whether HCG is present in your urine.  If HCG is present in your urine then you are pregnant.  In a pregnancy test kit, if 2 colored straight lines appear on the screen, it means that your test is positive, that is, in simple language, if you are pregnant, and if only one line is visible, then it means  That the test is negative.  However, this can vary for each kit. The kit sometimes gives incorrect results. Its results are not always correct. Therefore, it is often advisable to consult your gynecologist as well. 

Does A Pregnancy Test Kit Give Accurate Results? 

This question definitely arises in the minds of many women, whether a pregnancy test kit gives accurate results?  So let us tell you that the pregnancy test kit gives the right result only when you do the test by following the instructions explained on it.  If you do the test by following all the instructions given on it, then the 99% kit gives the correct result.  However, you can also have your blood test done by a gynecologist so that you do not have any kind of doubt. 


What Is The Right Time For A Pregnancy Test? 

If you are having sex without any restraint to get pregnant?  And after that, your menstruation does not come.  So a question arises in your mind whether I am pregnant?  After this, you think of doing the test, but another question arises in your mind: Is this the best time to take a  pregnancy test

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Do A Pregnancy Test? 

If you are thinking of doing a pregnancy test through a pregnancy test kit, then the best time to sample is the first urine in the morning.  Because when you sleep overnight, your body keeps urine in the bladder all night.  This urine is very thick and contains high amounts of everything including HCG.  Therefore, if a urine test for pregnancy is done with urine before dawn, it is likely that the result will be 99% accurate. 

What Is The Most Appropriate Time To Have A Pregnancy Test After The Menstrual Period Has Passed?

 You can get wrong results by doing the test immediately after the menstrual period ends because by that time all the process is not complete.  Therefore, one should wait at least one week after the menstrual period is out to use the pregnancy test kit.  This will give you the right result.

 The Initial Signs That Indicate That You Should Test

There are some signs in the early days of pregnancy, which are due to sudden changes in the body.  These changes can serve as an indicator in conducting the tests, which are as follows. 

  • If you notice spotting or mild bleeding, you may consider taking a pregnancy test. This blood spot usually occurs when the fetus implants itself in the uterus from the fallopian tube.
  • If you have problems like vomiting or weakness when you wake up in the morning, then it is a symptom of pregnancy, so you can get tested.
  • Many hormonal changes occur in the body during pregnancy. Which changes your food taste. In such a situation, you do not know the test of many foods.  And you can feel like eating something that you have never eaten before.
  • You may feel stomach cramps during the early days of pregnancy
  • Headache is a common symptom of pregnancy because, during pregnancy, the flow of blood in the body becomes faster, so that the oxygen can reach the fetus. Headache hurts due to fast blood flow.
  • Stomach Major: Feeling Constipation 

Other Methods Of Pregnancy Test 

There are two types of pregnancy tests, the first urine test which you can do at home easily with the help of a pregnancy kit, and the second test is done by a blood test which is done at the medical center.  Both tests give the result based on the presence of HCG hormone in your body. 

Blood Test 

A blood test is the most accurate way to confirm a pregnancy. Confirmation of pregnancy by blood test is almost 100% accurate. Here, a detailed analysis of blood tests done to confirm pregnancy is given: 

  • Qualitative HCG test- The pregnancy test is done by the blood at the medical center itself. This test is usually done 10 days after the end of your menstrual period.  This test checks the presence of HCG in your blood sample and tells the status of your pregnancy based on that.
  • Quantitative HCG test- This test is a blood test done at a medical center to detect the presence of HCG in your body. This test is more accurate which detects the exact amount of HCG in your blood.  It can also be found to have the lowest levels of hCG during the early stages of pregnancy. 

What Is A Homemade Pregnancy Test? 

A home pregnancy test is a non-medical way to check for pregnancy and is used when a pregnancy kit is not available.  Women can use sugar, bleach, and salt as well as other things to do pregnancy tests at home.  All these tests work on one principle to detect HCG hormone levels in urine.

When Should One Do A Pregnancy-Based Pregnancy Test? 

Pregnancy tests should be done with salt when they can give more effective results. On the fifth day of ovulation, a pregnancy test should be done with salt.  This requires tracking your ovulation date in advance.

How To Do A Pregnancy-Based Pregnancy Test?

  • To test pregnancy with salt, sample the first urine in the morning in a container.
  • Add three quarters teaspoon salt to it
  • Wait for a minute or two and watch the salt reacts with urine.
  • At pregnancy, the HCG present in the urine causes foaming by reacting with salt due to the presence of hormones.
  • The salt does not react with urine when it is not pregnant.

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