Smoke, Alcohol & Impotence – The Dead End Of Life

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How can the gusto take away our virility?

Booze is our partner in any rendezvous and we continue our chit-chat with a tipsy feeling.  A party full of booze can turn the aura magical. Mostly all of you are well aware of alcohol’s negative effect on the liver and we go on neglecting this fact with every sip of alcohol we take in.

But, did you know this delight of alcohol can snatch away your virility and can leave you affected with erectile dysfunction? Staggering! Isn’t It?

Well, yeah! Drowning in the magical effect of alcohol we often over-consume it, and its aftermath can be even fatal.

A human body is designed to consume certain limit of alcohol. Exceeding the limit just to enjoy more can cause serious health condition. Erectile dysfunction is one of those major issues which are caused by surpassing the limit of alcohol intake. One may fail to achieve harder erections, reach orgasm and this leads to relationship issues with the partner. In some extreme cases, couples can get even separated due to such ailment.

How Alcohol Affects The Erection?

Alcohol, more than the required quantity can cause a malfunction in the transmission of signals between the pituitary gland and the reproductive organ. This leads to failure in achieving an erection and generate erectile dysfunction in men.

Erections are achieved by proper transmission of relaxing senses through nerves into the penile region. Alcohol breaks or completely blocks the impulse causing the flow of blood to the penis and the individual cannot attain an erection.

Cigarette—An accomplice Which Kills Virility

It applies in the case of smoking, too. Cigarette smoking generates a number of health risks. It nullifies the active brain as well as can damage liver, kidney, heart, and lung. The smoke inhaled can cause tissue impairment and it can go up to the reproductive organ causing impotence, too.  As per a research, it has been found that men consuming 20 cigarettes in a single day have 60% chances to suffer from impotence.

Chemicals present in cigarettes impacts the blood vessels as it accumulates into a bloodstream directly in the form of smoke. Such components cause blockage of signals from nerves into the penis and one may fail to achieve an erection.

How Do You Restore Your Lost Manhood?

Sometimes, it gets very difficult to regain what you have already lost. But, not in this case, as there are several medications available today which can be used for the treatment of impotence in men. Efficacious medicine like Kamagra tablets and Silagra tablets are widely used for treating impotence, attaining harder erections and relishing sexual intercourse with the partner. These medicines are strong and effective in relaxing blood vessels and promoting the flow of blood circulation into the penile region. Due to this working mechanism, one can have an endurable erection and enjoyable physical intimacy lasting for a longer duration of time.

Better Prevent It Than Cure It

Although myriads of Ed-treating drugs like Kamagra, Eriacta and Silagra are available today which can cure the withered manhood, why do we even need to push the situation that further when a bit more control over our habits can help us to maintain a confident manhood. Simply, try to limit the use of alcoholic beverages and live a lifestyle with a proper routine, impotence will never eclipse your virility ever.

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